P2M aluminum hose clamp is a revolutionary hose clamp that will last a life time. The clamp is made from extruded aluminum round sheets and added CNC processing to the cut to clamp size which makes the clamp extremely durable compared to conventional worm drive or stainless clamps.

There are many benefits of using the P2M aluminum hose clamps vs conventional worm drive or T-Bolt clamps:

1. Durability - Life time use of the clamp and will not deform like conventional worm drive type clamps

2. Aesthetic - Unlike worm drive clamps that shows the pig tail grooves after tightened, you will not see this in our aluminum hose clamp which makes your engine bay clean. Even with a stainless T-Bolt clamps you still get the extruded bolt protruding out from the clamp and can be visible in the engine bay.

3. Locking Torque - The aluminum hose clamp provides unilateral tightening torque via 6mm hex bolt. The clamp will lock the pipe 360 degree uni formally without deformation. In addition, by using the hex bolt the locking torque is much greater than conventional worm drive type clamps which means less chance for pipings to pop out.

4. Sealing - The material of the aluminum hose clamp bonds very well with silicone vacuum hoses in the market. Once tightened properly it is virtually impossible for the clamps to come loose.

5. Cost - The price of the P2M aluminum hose clamp is priced competitively compared to the conventional stainless T-Bolt clamps and cheaper than industry standard aluminum hose clamps.

6. Under software FEA analysis, our aluminum hose clamps can withstand up minimum 10 bar (145psi) of pressure before deformation occurs.

7. The Aluminum clamps adjustment range is very narrow, recommended to be installed on silicone hose thickness range up to 3mm (+ / - 1mm) normally 3ply silicone hose for best fitment.

The clamps are available for piping sizes of 1.50", 1.75"' 2.00", 2.25", 2.50", 2.75", 3.50", 3.75" and 4.00" with various popular anodized colors.