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Loving the mats in my RF. The dark gray on the checkered is subtle, but still fun. The pattern is reminiscent of the black and white checkered mats in the JDM eunos from way back. These fit like OEM, including hardware for around the floor plugs. I like the spiked backing to prevent them from moving around. The carpet feels well made like it will hold up to some use too!

Tyler Jeffery, Nashville, TN

I replaced my swaybar links with this set for my 06' 350Z and upgraded the swaybar bushings to Energy Urethanes. I kept the stock swaybar because I use my Z as a daily driver. They work great, easy to install on the Z the one thing you have to remember is the final tightening has to be done with vehicle weight on wheels not on jacks.

Steven Bowen Chandler, AZ

I was having bad misfires and a lot of power loss. For a while I thought it was my fuel pressure regulator, I replaced the regulator with the P2Motortrend regulator and it slightly fixed the issue. I was waiting for the coilpacks to restock before they were sold out again and the moment I saw them back instock, I immediately jump on ordering them. There a not much reviews over this product and I took my chances on them.

Martha Rangel, Perris, CA