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SIRUDA high performance gasket is a renowned ISO approved manufacturer of gasoline/diesel engine gaskets and overhaul kits for all major car brands. Having several decades of professional manufacturing experience, SIRUDA is also well known as the outstanding designer and developer of dies/molds of gaskets. SIRUDA high performance gaskets are manufacturered through the adoption of the most advanced production techniques and equipment. SIRUDA'S goal is to provide highest quality to meet the need of the latest generation turbo-charged high speed engines running under the toughest condition.

SIRUDA achieves it by controlling the entire manufacturing process-from designing, tooling, producing and to final products. Through continued product research and development, modern management and professional sales and marketing policy, SIRUDA has now become gasket of the first choice among motorsport circle.

SIRUDA continues to invest in the research and development of the latest vehicle applications in order to create the best quality gaskets for the target market.

It is a pleasure for us at P2M to distribute and introduce SIRUDA gasket for the U.S market direct from the manufacturer.e are a few different types of head gasket design manufactured by SIRUDA:

BEAD TYPE Head Gaskets - The least preferred head gasket type for automotive engines. Normally only used in multi-layer engine gaskets (i.e exhaust gaskets, intake manifold gaskets etc.) For head gasket in this design can merely be a slight upgrade over OEM head gasket upgrade but can not handle high power / high boost operation.

GROMMET TYPE Head Gaskets - Another name for STOPPER style gasket. Most commonly found for HONDA applications. Similar to the COMETIC MLX and older Tomei category head gaskets. This type of head gasket is the most common head gasket design on the market due to it's ease of installation and high pressure resistance.

DRAG TYPE Head Gaskets - SIRUDA DRAG type head gasket is one step above the Grommet/Stopper style head gasket mainly for turbocharged applications. It endures higher surface pressure and prevents sudden gas leakage caused by engine knock. DRAG type head gaskets are coated with molybdenum which is scratch resistant and best sealing capability is achieved by the use of the nitrile gum over the gasket surface. In addition the design has a double sealing design that is combined from BEAD and GROMMET type head gaskets. The DRAG type head gasket design has become a favorable trend in the market today. It is very similar to the TOMEI super grommet design head gaskets.

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